Feedback from our students


The content is amazing and quite insightful for someone like me who wishes to develop his career in finance. Thanks!!

Chinmaya Bhasin, Student - India


I just wanted to thank you for providing so much value.

I made the transition from a Fixed Income Analyst to work as an Investment Associate in Corporate Venture Capital.

VC.Academy posts and courses have added an immense amount of knowledge in the last few weeks .

Imran Dean, Investment Associate at DC Thomson Ventures, corporate investment firm - United Kingdom


Really liked your simple and crisp approach to explain things better. You're doing an amazing job!

Vibhuti Batra, Business Analyst - India


I must say that the articles and information on private equity and venture capital which I have been learning from the VC Academy have been really enlightening and helpful. I applaud you and the team for your kind efforts. I am indeed grateful and have shared this with other professionals, who like me are legal practitioners, practice of which includes venture capital and private equity.
Elizabeth Abubakar, Attorney - Nigeria


That's gold, I highly appreciate the work, effort and the amazing content you offer to the world.

Ayoub Morghati, Analyst - Poland


I am working as a Senior Analyst at a deal sourcing platform and am keen to make the move to a more meatier role. The material at VC Academy will definitely be useful in making this transition.

Ashish Chandorkar, Tracxn - India


It is a great initiative and I am quite impressed by it. What you are doing will absolutely create a powerful impact in the VC space.

Junaid A, HSBC - Hong Kong