While building the first comprehensive online course "Venture Capital Executive Program", we realized that many students would benefit from boosting their knowledge and skills in very specific areas, and we decided to give access to all the sections of the Executive Program separately, which you can find below. 

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Please, also enjoy our complementary resources: 
Venture Capital Insights - regular exclusive reviews of the venture capital practices from the industry professionals;
Library Of Industry Reports And Studies - a collection of different industry reports and studies from various sources;
Venture Capital Encyclopedia - set of articles in alphabetical arrangement covering all aspects of venture capital.  

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Venture Capital Executive Program is the first online professional education blended with coaching techniques providing full immersion experience with no change of your comfortable schedule. 

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Initial Coin Offerings

Immersion Course For Crypto Investors. Unlock the systematic approach to investing in blockchain solutions with crypto money. First comprehensive course on ICOs.

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Career In Venture Capital

There is no straight path to venture capital, but some paths are shorter than the others. Make a confident next step towards your career in venture capital after completion of this course.

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Raising A Venture Fund

There is no textbook on raising a venture fund. This course however guides you through every step of establishing a venture fund and raising capital from limited partners. 

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Limited Partnership Agreement

Learn how an Limited Partnership Agreement should be designed to protect you from excessive liabilities for the price of only two hours of legal consultation. 

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Building Investment Portfolio

Build a balanced investment portfolio to achieve positive financial results, get satisfaction from working with brilliant entrepreneurs, and make an impact for society in the whole.

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Voodoo Art Of Valuation

Determine the right valuation of a company to protect current investors, keep the team motivated, and attract new investors for the future financing rounds.

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Term Sheet Design

We included the provisions and their variations which other sources missed or didn't care to mention. We also explained everything in plain English.

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Harvesting Investments

Closing a deal is only the beginning of your investing journey. Learn how to harvest your portfolio companies to get better returns on your investments.

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Measuring Impact In Investing

Impact investing has been associated with poor returns for a long time, but not anymore. Learn how to make money matter through impact investing.