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Initial Coin Offerings
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Immersion Course For Crypto Investors. Unlock the systematic approach to investing in blockchain solutions with crypto money. First comprehensive course on ICOs.


How will you benefit from this course?

This course gives you a systematic approach to funding disruptive innovations and bright entrepreneurs through ICOs.

We will keep you up to date on all the change of this yet dynamic investment practice.

Assignments are designed in a way to provide you an immersive experience into ICO investing.

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  • Comprehensive check-list for ICO assessment
  • Free relevant Reports and Studies
  • Personal consultation with an instructor to answer your possible questions (the subscription plan).


Venture capital as a gatekeeper is dead
    What’s in ICO for an investor?
    Deep Dive Reading: A Strategic Perspective On ICOs
    Assignment #1: Your Motivation As A Crypto Investor
    ICO vs IPO
    Coin vs Token
    Where to find ICOs?
    Assignment #2: Scouting For ICOs
Assessing Business Model
    ICO assessment and the whitepaper
    Evaluating the business of an ICO
    Assignment #3: Assessing Main Business Components
Assessing ICO Deal
    Smart contracts
    Evaluating the deal of an ICO
    Assignment #4: Assessing The ICO Deal
Assessing Token Offer
    Evolution Of Money
    Deep Dive Reading: Tokenisation and its implications for the venture capital industry
    Assignment #5: Assessing The Token Utility
Legality Issues
    What's ICO's Legal Problem?
    ICO legality by country
    What do U.S. lawmakers say
    DAICO - A New Solution From Vitalik Buterin
    Deep Dive Reading: Economics Of Initial Coin Offerings
    Assignment #6: ICO Review

Your Instructor

 Rik Willard Agentic Group

Rik Willard
Agentic Group

Rik Willard is one of the first blockchain and Bitcoin pioneers. He has been advancing crucial touchpoints of the digital currency value chain, including education and consulting, asset creation and strategic planning for large corporations and SMB’s across the globe. Willard is a featured speaker at many industry events and on national television (from the Harvard Business School and Kaufmann Institute to CNN and CNBC) concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship and digital matters. He is also on the list of "NYC People in Bitcoin You Must Know" according to AlleyWatch.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) swiftly became a new investment field out of nowhere in the middle of 2017. Within a year, entrepreneurs raised almost $4 Billion surpassing early stage venture capital (VC) funding for Internet companies.
ICO as a fundraising method is not going away anytime soon despite the numerous legal challenges it faces around the world. It has changed the entire investment landscape and became a threat to conservative investors.

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