Venture Capital Education

Certification and internship with VC firms


Everybody knows that getting into venture capital is hard.

We'll help you to get into that door. 


Successful venture capital investors come from diverse backgrounds — journalism, banking, consulting, large tech companies, and even politics or entertainment.

Marc Andreessen, Founder of A16Z, software engineer and entrepreneur at Netscape

Steve Anderson, Founder of Baseline Ventures, was a General Manager at Starbucks

Theresia Gouw, Founder of Aspect Ventures: worked at Bain & Company consulting firm

Mary Meeker, Partner at KPCB, worked at Morgan Stanley, international financial services firm

Michael Moritz, Partner at Sequoia Capital, was a journalist at Time Magazine

Snoop Dogg, the rapper, entertainer and businessman, has also recently raised a $45-million fund

By their own example, they have proved that there is no prerequisite for becoming a successful venture capitalist. What do they have in common? Relevant skill-set!

We are on the mission to make recruiting in venture capital skill-based.

If you decide to become a venture capitalist professionals knowledge is one of your most important investments. But we also want to assist you with your first step, whether it's your first job, first investment, or first pitch to limited partners.


Mastering the art of investing takes time: you cannot learn much in days. Since you likely have work to do as well, you need a program that won't affect your schedule much. You can
access VC Academy at any time, and from any place that is most convenient for you.

Sourcing deals, reviewing pitch decks, meeting and evaluating startups — all this is the critical front end of venture investing. However, there is so much more that you have to know, and
we pay equal attention to the backend of the profession as well.

Knowledge is an asset. A systematic approach to learning, upgrading, and applying your knowledge, will make you efficient at your daily job. You can
study the program from A to Z or create your own collection of subjects that you want to study.

Venture investing is not about theory and practice alone. Our main goal is to develop your curiosity, train you to notice details, teach you to design different scenarios, and react adequately to change. That is why our
program is infused with different challenges.



Their portfolio companies are the best introduction:



These are some of the seasoned investors who gathered together to share their expertise with trainees of VC Academy who are pursuing a career in venture capital.

Geoffrey Baehr
Freada Kapor Klein
Keith Ippel
Lisa Suennen
Joel Solomon
Elizabeth Yin
Frank Leffelaar
Renata George
Michael Halloran
Cynthia Ringo
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To make your decision to enroll easier, we have compared all existing courses on venture capital for you.

We have created affordable, flexible Programs, that allow students to study from any location, at any time.

We’ll guide you through the whole process of venture investing, within a realistic timeframe, and will adjust our schedule according to your availability.


Our Programs are perfect for those who are ready to take action. The Programs encourage students to start their first jobs at VC firms, make first investments, or pitch their first potential limited partners. The learning pathway is developed in such a way that you can achieve measurable results in 30, 60, and 90 days after you start studying, memorize the most important lessons, and develop critical habits. A coaching approach is the foundation of all our Programs and Courses.


VC Academy is a not-for-profit initiative, and this ethos is reflected in our low tuition fees. Our goal is to collect the most essential information, knowledge, and cases in one place, thereby contributing to the development of the global investment industry. We truly hope that our students will bring new models to the market and better returns to their investors.

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