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Do you want to become a part of a VC team to learn the ropes? 

VC Academy Apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to become an insider and see how venture capitalists work. You'll be able to shadow a real VC's routine and participate in some investing activities to learn how the job is done. To "shadow" someone means to follow them around and do the things that they do. Here's what you will be able to participate in:

  • Professional networking

  • Sourcing Deals

  • Due Diligence

  • Deal-making

  • Working with portfolio companies


You may be an observer or take a pro-active position and show your skills and abilities. Most active and competent apprentices will be added to our Talent Pool which we share with VC firms looking for new hires.  


How does VC Academy Apprenticeship work?


You join a private online group to participate in routine VC activities. Aside from that, you'll be offered different workshops to attend, and bi-weekly group calls or chats with VCs. Apprentices will get personal attention from participating VCs.      

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