Building Investment Portfolio

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Building Investment Portfolio


Build a balanced investment portfolio to achieve positive financial results, get satisfaction from working with brilliant entrepreneurs, and make an impact for society in the whole.


How will you benefit from this course?

You will learn how to employ your networking skills right to get access to promising startups and make them want to work with you.

Not only does structured approach to due-diligence decrease chances of a bad choice, but it also train your gut to pick the winners later in your career.  

We will provide you with a framework of structuring the deal in a way to protect your investment on current and future investment rounds. 


  • List of industry events where you can scout for startups

  • Due diligence check-list

  • Deal structure check-list


Find diamonds in the sand    
    How To Say 'No' To Founders So They'd Like You More
    Know a guy who knows a guy + Scouts
    Startup Events Is Your New Entertainment
    The VC e-marketplace: Angellist, Kickstarter, FundersClub
    Meet the early stage investors often
    Back to school: Academia and Research
    Are you ready to make cold calls?
    What do you want to hear and see in a startup pitch
    You can'r have it all
    Case Study and evaluation template
Due Diligence    
    Jockey, horse or market: what's more important
    Why team comes first
    Become an invetigator yourself. Or hire one
    Get a clear profile of the team
    Understanding Employee Equity
    What you need to know about the product
    Market: when it's too late or too early
    Encyclopedia of business models
    Can business plan be of any use?
    Tips For Due Diligence On Different Stages Of A Startup
    Due Diligence Check List
    Case Study and evaluation template
Structuring Investment    
    Every Deal Should Generate Returns
    Stress Points To Negotiate
    It's A Loan But Convertible
    How Stock Can Be Different
    Risks of down-rounds
    Prenup: Liquidation Preferences
    Don't Get Diluted. Much
    Milestone-Based Financing
    Be In Charge: Governance And Control
    Think About The Exit Before The Investment