Career In Venture Capital

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Career In Venture Capital


There is no straight path to venture capital, but some paths are shorter than the others. Make a confident next step towards your career in venture capital after completion of this course.



You'll find simple instructions of what to do to get interviewed, when to move from one VC fund to another, and learn how other venture capitalists built their careers.  

You’ll determine your motivation for becoming a venture investor, which is critical to avoid disappointment and turn any experience you'll get into valuable assets.

There are a lot of myths around venture capital that may affect your decision making when choosing an occupation. The course will show you the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry in the whole.


  • Quiz for self-assessment on motivation.

  • Quiz for evaluating your current knowledge, experience and skills for working in venture capital.

  • Free assessment of your CV and advice on its improvement.

Your Instructor

Renata George, Managing Director @ Zenmen VC

Renata George, Managing Director @ Zenmen VC

Besides operating a venture fund, Renata George makes venture capital education more accessible and works on advancing women in the industry.

"Diversity is like charity: if you're really into it, you don't talk about it much".

An entrepreneur - turned angel investor - turned VC.

Co-author of a study course on venture capital and entrepreneurship (2014)

Author of “The Manual For Finding A Perfect Mentor For Entrepreneur” (2013)

Advisory Board Member at 500 Startups Fund (2013)

Seen on Forbes USA "The Top Women in Venture Capital and Angel Investing" (2012)

Invited as an Expert of Analytic Center under The Government of Russia on issues: National innovation system design, Integration of the Eurasian economic system, Russian international financial center, Development of competitive markets (2011)


Navigating Investment Arena       
    History of VC in 10 paragraphs
    First VC fund: not your typical VC fund
    Meet The Competitors To Venture Capital
    What ‘PE’ And ‘VC’ Actually Mean
Getting into Venture capital    
Understand what's right for you
    Find What Personal Returns Matter To You
    What Venture Capitalists Do Every Day
    Investors belong to several tribes
    Where In The World Should You Build Your VC Career?
    Do You Have What It Takes To Work At A VC Firm?
    Do You Really Need To Be An Entrepreneur To Become A VC?
    Why VCs become entrepreneurs
How To Get Hired By A Venture Firm    
Hierarchy at a venture capital firm
    Knock into an entry-level position: Analyst & Associates
    Grow upto a midlevel position: Principals and MDs
    Is there a chance to become a GP?
    Salaries And Compensation
    Raise A Fund Yourself