Harvesting Investments

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Harvesting (2).png

Harvesting Investments


Closing a deal is only the beginning of your investing journey. Learn how to harvest your portfolio companies to get better returns on your investments.


How will you benefit from this course?

Most promising entrepreneurs have become very picky and pay much attention to the value besides monetary that an investor can bring to the table. Find your competitive advantage.

Understand upsides and downsides of having a board seat: what power it may or may not give you, and whether it's worth a fight.

Keep your finger on the pulse and be prepared for any possible exit — be able to evaluate which one is best for your portfolio companies, and which is better for your returns. 


To Be Or Not To Be On Board    
    Why Board Matters
    Independent Directors
    Board Self-Evaluation
    Challenges In The Boardroom
    Legal implications for board members
    Case Study
Deal done. Now what?    
    Post-investment Involvement and value add
    Entrepreneur's view on VC's value
    Why VCs should always stay alert
    Challenges for shareholders
    Hard decisions you'll have to make
    Adjust exit strategy on the go
    Alignment of exit method, timing and exit value
    Case study

Corporate Venture Capital
Why corporations create a venture arm
    History of CVC
    Love no hate between a corporation and its venture arm
    Legal structure of a corporate venture fund
    Healthy financial relationship
    What about investment objectives?
    Good or bad for startups?
    How CVC are different from traditional VCs
    Case study
There is always an exit    
    Merger & Acquisition (M&A) and variables
    Friendly sale
    Initial Public Offering (IPO): is it worth it?
    Rule 144 vs IPO: Alternative Access To Capital
    Lifestyle business also makes sense
    Secondary market: pros and cons
    Breaking down the PIPE
    Liquidation and close is also an exit
    Odds Of Raising A Unicorn
    Case study