Raising A Venture Fund

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Raising A Venture Fund


There is no textbook on raising a venture fund. This course however guides you through every step of establishing a venture fund and raising capital from limited partners.


How will you benefit from this course?

You will find a step-by-step guide for setting up a venture fund as a business, starting from investment thesis to team building.

Using a schedule of responsibilities you'll be able to plan your day-to-day operations regardless of the size of your team.

We introduce you to the universe of limited partners, help you create the right pitch build strong and fruitful relationship with them. 


  • Schedule of responsibilities critical for being performed by the fund's team and those which you can outsource.

  • List of Limited Partners with contact persons.


The Boring Job You'll Also Have To Do    
    Choosing Jurisdiction
    Taxation Done Right
    Reporting Standards
Universe Of Limited Partners    
Not All Limited Partners Created Equal
    Why Institutional Investors Choose Venture Capital
    What LPs Are Looking For In Fund Managers?
    How To Become A Valuable Addition To LPs' Portfolio
    When And How You Should Terminate Relationship With Your LpS
    Questions Fund Managers Should Be Ready To Answer
    Case Study - Yale
The Step-by-step FundRaising guide for VCs    
    How to pitch LPs: learn from entrepreneurs
    Find yourself in the right place at the right time
    VCs also need a lead investor
    Maintain the momentum: raise and invest
    Placement agents can be helpful
    You raised the fund - now what?
    Case Study

Where to begin    
Venture Fund Architecture
    Investment thesis
    Defining Your Investment Strategy
    Keys To Fundraising Success
    Design your investment memorandum
    SWOT Analysis For Emerging Managers
Venture Fund Economics    
    How Does VC Firm Operate
    Source Of Capital
    Rate Of Returns
    Waterfall, hurdle, clawback and other monsters
    Follow-On Investments
    Why Syndicate?
    When VC fund goes IPO
Building A Team    
    Building a team of partners
    The boring job you'll have to do
    Who else do you need on your team
    Team Dynamics: solid, skillful, aligned
    New role: Leadership capital partner
    Case Study