Voodoo Art Of Valuation

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Voodoo Art Of Valuation


Determine the right valuation of a company to protect current investors, keep the team motivated, and attract new investors for the future financing rounds.


How will you benefit from this course?

Understand the difference between the value and valuation. Value means the worth of a thing, while valuation means an estimate of its worth. Once you feel this difference at your fingertips, the actual math of evaluating ventures will get easier.

All the terms, principles and methods of determining startup value and valuation are explained in plain words and easy to grasp.

Some startup valuations today can't be anything but magic of attracting the right numbers. Develop an ability to determine and manipulate them as in voodoo art.

Your Instructor

Veronika Kapustina Angel Investor

Veronika Kapustina
Angel Investor

Veronika has extensive experience with venture and public equity financings, private and public debt financings, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs. As an investment banker, she has represented numerous companies in internet, software, communications, ad-tech and clean-tech segments of technology, many of which are household names. Her experience totals over 40 transactions, with approximately $40Bn in value created for her clients.

After spending nearly a decade in investment banking, Veronika has shifted her focus to applying the best practice and winning business models used by top public and private technology firms in early stage companies, offering expert advice on areas such as capital structure management, business model design, financial planning and reporting. As an early-stage investor and advisor, Veronika has worked with companies in a range of technology verticals including e-commerce, sharing economy, machine learning, blockchain, and hardware.


    Which valuation method should you use
Valuation Of Pre-revenue Startups
    Berkus Method
    Scorecard Valuation Method
    Risk Factor Summation Method
Venture Capital Valuation Method
    Venture Capital Method
Discounted Cash Flows Method
    Discounted Cash Flows Explained
    Discounted Cash Flows: More Things To Know
Other Valuation Methods For Later Stage Startups
    Comparable Transactions Method
    First Chicago Method
What else
    Other methods you shouldn't rely on
A Company Can Have Different Value
    Shades Of Company‚Äôs Value
    Equity-based method of valuation
Different Profiles Of Investors
    Who Are Those Investors That Overpay?
    Being greedy is a job
Case Study
    Why Facebook won when lost to Winklevoss brothers
    Mastery of valuing a startup