What is so special about your recruiting platform?

We increase candidates’ chances of getting noticed by hiring VCs, and help VC firms find the best matching talents.

How do we do that?

We are a niche recruiting platform that is only focused on venture capital industry. That is why, we can create venture capital-specific custom fields and search filters that major job search engines and recruiting platforms cannot offer.

For example, candidates can specify their expertise in terms typically used in the venture capital industry, which will guarantee that their resume will be on the top of the list for VC firms looking for this expertise.

VC firms, on the other hand, can search for talents who worked at startups or in investment banking as a categories, which eliminates the need of reading the whole resume to define whether the candidates have relevant experience.

We do care

These are just two examples of a number of industry-specific features we offer.

We also offer other unique features for both candidates and VC firms and can act as a staffing agent on their behalf:

  • candidates who are currently employed and don’t want their employer know that they are open for new job opportunities, can create an incognito profile, and

  • VC firms can search for an ideal talent among all currently employed investment professionals in the country ( coming soon).

We do care about diversity in venture capital, and as an attempt to reduce bias, we do not allow search by gender, as well as do not disclose ethnicity and age on your profile (unless you specify this info in your resume).

I created a profile on, now what?

First of all, we can now recommend your profile to VC firms when they post new jobs or reach out to us directly. We will search through all the profiles we have to find best matches for their job openings and send them your resume. Once sent, we will notify you that you have been recommended for a job.

Secondly, VC firms will be soon able to search for candidates through our database too, so they could find your profile by using specific filters to match their requirements and contact you directly.

Important: if you want to hide your profile in our database and decide which VC firms can see it and which should not, you can make it incognito. Read more about incognito profiles.

What is an incognito profile?

If you do not want your current employer to accidentally find out that you are open for new opportunities, incognito profile is a solution.

When you make your profile incognito:

  • We contact you before sending your CV to VC firms that have job openings matching your profile; if you give us the permission, we will send them your CV.

  • We hide all the identifying fields on your profile in our database, so when a VC firm is searching for candidates, they are able to find your profile, but they will only see the following fields on it: Education degree, Fields of study, Languages, Seeking position level, Expertise, Relevant work experience, Years of relevant work experience, and Preferred work location.

  • If a VC firm would like to contact you, they first send a request to us; we will next send you an email naming the VC firm that would like to see your CV and/or contact you; if you give us the permission, we will send them your CV — otherwise, we’ll notify them that you’re unavailable at the moment.

    This is how an incognito profile looks in our database: