What is an incognito profile?

If you do not want your current employer to accidentally find out that you are open for new opportunities, incognito profile is a solution.

When you make your profile incognito:

  • We contact you before sending your CV to VC firms that have job openings matching your profile; if you give us the permission, we will send them your CV.

  • We hide all the identifying fields on your profile in our database, so when a VC firm is searching for candidates, they are able to find your profile, but they will only see the following fields on it: Education degree, Fields of study, Languages, Seeking position level, Expertise, Relevant work experience, Years of relevant work experience, and Preferred work location.

  • If a VC firm would like to contact you, they first send a request to us; we will next send you an email naming the VC firm that would like to see your CV and/or contact you; if you give us the permission, we will send them your CV — otherwise, we’ll notify them that you’re unavailable at the moment.

    This is how an incognito profile looks in our database: