VC Associate Program


Monthly plans

We recommend a monthly payment plan if you are planning to study the curriculum step by step. The classes of the Program and in-person coaching will be scheduled over 6 or 12 months, depending on your choice. If you'd like to finish the Program sooner, just pay one or more payments ahead. You can cancel the subscription anytime.


One-time payment

By paying the tuition fee at once, you get a more flexible curriculum. You will get access to all the modules of the Program within a month. You will be able to schedule the in-person coaching hours as frequently, as you need them as long as the availability of your coach allows.  



We are excited to announce that we now provide a credit line for paying off the tuition fee for the Programs and Courses of the VC Academy. To use this credit line, you need to have a U.S. PayPal account. Click here to apply for the credit line now.



We provide custom pricing for students from countries other than the United States and Canada. Please, email us your location at: to request custom pricing.

VC Associate Program

Price Options
One-time purchase
VC Associate Program
3-mo installment plan
$1,392.00monthly/ 3 months
VC Associate Program
6-mo installment plan
$729.00monthly/ 6 months
  • Cancelation and Refund Policy

    We value our proprietary content and hope you do, too. 

    Full refunds of the one-time payment are provided within 5 (five) days after you get access to any of the modules, whether the entire module or not, of the Program according to the schedule of your curriculum. No refunds are provided thereafter.

    For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds are provided once you get access to all the materials of the Program. 

    If you choose an installment plan, you may cancel it at any time. No refunds of the previously paid installments are provided, unless you cancel your installment plan within 5 (five) days after you get access to the first module of your scheduled curriculum.

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