"This book about dozens of successful women-investors is terrific! It is much needed today, to show current and aspiring investors what is possible. Renata's book will tell the stories of venture capitalists from all different backgrounds, who had very different sets of experiences and approaches, stories about how they shaped their career and achieved their success. Page after page, this book will give confidence to other women who want to work in venture capital. And by the time they finish reading the book, I hope they will feel: ‘If they can do it, I can do it too!’"

Janet Bannister, Real Ventures, Canada


"This book is an essential read for aspiring female venture investors who want to be inspired by life stories of women who made it all the way to the top in venture capital. It is also a valuable resource for male investors interested in increasing diversity. Institutional investors can benefit from learning more about their potential investees, as well as find new general partners to consider investing in. Finally, entrepreneurs can benefit from the book by learning how the investors featured make investment decisions.

Fixing the diversity problem in venture capital will take a long time and require a continuous and steady pace of activities and changes. With Women Who Venture, Renata is helping us all along that journey."

Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group, Co-Founder of TechStars


"Books like this, which show not only seasoned female investors but also introduces new names, are critically important. I’m sure many of my colleagues will want to talk to some of the amazing women in your book, some of whom they haven’t yet heard of or met."

Rachel Lam, Imagination Capital, United States


"This remarkable book, Women in Venture, provides important guidelines for women who want to work in venture capital and private equity. It is also a vital read for men seeking a place in the industry, and for those already working there, because it is a harbinger of what is coming to the business at an increasing pace as women become vital to venture capital world."

Franklin ‘Pitch’ Johnson, Founder at Asset Management Co., Pioneer venture capital investor since 1962


"We should shine a spotlight on the great work being done by as many female investors as possible — not just a small subset. There are tons of smart, talented women investing from early stage through growth, in life sciences, consumer, enterprise tech, hardware, robotics — you name it. The more stories we tell, the less it will be an anomaly to see a woman in venture capital and the more women will be inspired to pursue investing. Your book is a great example of that work"

Stephanie Palmeri, Uncork Capital, United States


"We need to approach the diversity issue in the venture capital and startup worlds the same way that Renata built her book: looking through all the verticals, making sure that first-time investors are involved as much as seasoned venture capitalists, considering all the geographies, ensuring that people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences are included, and of course, inviting male counterparts to the conversation."

Kimmy Paluch, Beta Boom, United States

Women Who Venture