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Everybody knows that getting the first VC job is the hardest. All students of the Venture Capital Associate Program who graduate successfully will intern with VC firms, accelerator, or angel investors.

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☹ You have been applying for VC jobs, but aren't receiving any responses...

☹ ... Or you have chatted with potential employers on the phone, but aren’t getting invited to face-to-face interviews...

☹ ... Maybe none of the interviews you’ve had have resulted in a job offer.


The Venture Capital Associate Program is designed to achieve two main goals:

☑ Train you for the job, so that VC firms could save time on educating you

☑ Help you add a venture capital record to your resume



Step 1 Acquire the necessary skills required for VC analyst and VC associate positions. During the studies, you will be assigned a tutor from our pool of venture capital investors who will guide you through the entire Program. 

Step 2 Complete assignments and pass the tests that ​will reveal your knowledge and skills to your future employer. We provide a recommendation letter along with your CV when matching you with VC firms that have open internship positions.

Step 3 Work for a VC firm at its office or remotely to gain hands-on experience and start your venture capital career. The VC firms we partner with appreciate that our students come prepared, with the knowledge and skills necessary for the job. 


  • use a framework for building your industry presence and standing out among other candidates when applying for a VC job

  • upskill yourself in networking, for the purpose of advancing your VC career, and for deal sourcing

  • understand market research basics and start developing system thinking

  • learn to conduct due diligence according to the best practices

  • become proficient in determining valuations and negotiating deal terms

  • grasp how to support portfolio companies and analyze their performance

  • practice preparing materials for partner and board meetings

The Program consists of 200+ lectures, 27 forms, and calculators, all of which will remain available for 12 months after enrollment.



Upon completion of the Program, all students will receive non-degree certificates. The following certificates will be issued, depending on the total Program score for all the tests and assignments:

0 – 60: Attendance Certificate — The Venture Capital Associate Program (voluntary testing)

61 – 89: Success Certificate “Junior Venture Capital Associate”

90 – 100: Professional Certificate “Senior Venture Capital Associate”

The certificate is valid for 24 months after the full completion of the Program.





Bryan Besecker, Economic and Investment Strategist, BNY Mellon

I highly recommend the VC Academy Venture Capital Executive Program as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to pursue a career in VC and startups. No matter your background, the program is a great tool to understand the basic requirements needed in order to succeed in various rules within the industry such as your skillset and knowledge base. Moreover, the program is extremely flexible and allows you to work at your own pace. It also helps you to adopt a personalized career plan and to better understand whether this is really a fit for you. I find the information and assignments both interesting and challenging, and I am very grateful I decided to give the program a chance. 

Jiannan Wang, 

Product Manager, Venture Fellow

As someone who has no previous angel investing experience, I really appreciated that VC Academy provides students with firsthand real-world investing experience. From forming the investment thesis of the syndicate, pre-screening the companies, listening to the pitch calls, conducting due-diligence to finally making the investments, we were involved in every single step and learned valuable insights from the process. 

It is very exciting to invest in some of the most promising startups from the alumni of the top tier tech accelerators. Many thanks to the Program director's expertise and connections for making that possible!"

Ester Ne, Head of Startup Programs, eBay

Being in corporate innovation and investment roles I already had a baseline knowledge about a lot of topics covered in the academy.  However, it was very valuable to do a deep dive into areas that matter most in VC roles such as legal frameworks and evaluating deals at different levels. The biggest value was structuring and deepening my existing knowledge and enriching it with new perspectives on investing.

Ruslan Yusufov, Director, Private Client Services,


VC Academy provides the most essential and valuable information on venture investing, modern trends and latest developments in the startup industry. It makes a meaningful contribution to the success of its students and subscribers. 

Sergey Milushin, Portfolio manager in biotech, outer space, AI and transportation 

Two years ago I was challenged to manage a private equity firm investing in early-stage startups. I had an entrepreneurial background and business development skills, but not much knowledge of the venture capital area. Looking for a comprehensive course of study to better understand the nuts and bolts of a venture capital firm’s operations, I found the only one which matched my needs and covered a broad spectrum of the topics needed: VC.Academy. I’ve started applying what I’ve learned in the VC Executive course from the very first days of study. The program helps me to become a better professional. It will definitely help others. Worth every dollar invested.

Zak, Investment banker

I have been working in the investment banking industry for a while and decided to change my career and switch to venture capital. I happened to work with Renata George as my couch during the Program. At the beginning of the course, she immediately recognized my skills that would be applicable in VC, and pointed out those I needed to develop. Her guidance is always clear, encouraging, and very practical since her advice is based on her real experience as a VC investor with a wide range of connections with other VCs and entrepreneurs. She willingly introduced me to multiple VC firms, so I started building my own network. I'd had zero connection in VC before, so she helped me to create the first circle in no time. 

Also, as Renata is originally from Europe, as an immigrant herself, she deeply understands certain issues and challenges that international professionals face. She always offers creative solutions, and I have a clear career path now. Thank you, Renata!

Imran Dean, Associate,  DC Thomson Ventures

I made a transition from a Fixed Income Analyst to an Investment Associate in Corporate Venture Capital. VC Academy materials have added an immense amount of knowledge in weeks. Thank you for providing so much value.

Elizabeth Abubakar, VC Attorney

The articles and information on private equity and venture capital which I've been learning from the VC Academy have been really enlightening and helpful. I share them with other VC and PE legal practitioners like me. I applaud you and the team for your efforts.

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